The Art of Amphora Wines at Preignes le Vieux

For wine enthusiasts seeking an authentic and environmentally respectful approach to winemaking, the article written by Charlotte van Zummeren on Winebusiness offers a fascinating perspective on traditional methods revisited by Domaine de Preignes le Vieux. Located in the picturesque Languedoc region, this estate is distinguished by its use of clay amphorae, a practice inspired by ancient Roman traditions, allowing for natural micro-oxygenation that enhances the aromas and structure of the wines.

The article details how Preignes le Vieux skillfully combines tradition and innovation to create wines that are not only expressive of their terroir but also carry a strong ecological identity. With a commitment to non-filtration and non-clarification, each bottle reflects the purity and integrity of the grape.

For those curious to learn how these techniques influence the aromatic profile and quality of the wines, read the complete article by Charlotte van Zummeren on Winebusiness. There, you will find valuable insights on the grape varieties suited to this method and the positive environmental impact of these practices. To learn more about this captivating fusion of history and modernity in the wine world, click here.